I inherited my psychic abilities from my father and began connecting with the supernatural at a young age.

I have great respect for my fathers intuitive abilities but felt it a shame that he did not trust in it more or use it to help others.  

Being a Clairvoyant and Medium and also very empathic myself,  it became crucial to my well-being that I learn to control and respect these gifts. I was fortunate enough to manifest a wonderful teacher that taught and guided me for over eleven years.

Once I was able to trust and secure a clear connection with my spirit guides, I began to work directly with spirit and that is where I receive my guidance today.

I am happy to share my gift with others and work as a conduit through which spirit can connect with my clients. I have lived the majority of my life in California where I have had many, many jobs and am happy to say that I have finally found my true calling and am walking in my truth.

In addition to psychic and intuitive services, I am an interior designer and painter living where the Redwoods meet the ocean in beautiful Northern California.



Patty Davis is my go to when life hits challenging moments and I feel too scattered to make clear decisions.   

She gives me much needed validation on what things I already sense about my own path, but also gives me detailed insight into the things that I can't see for myself.  She is an incredible teacher and confidant and I find her gifts and invaluable asset to those who have the privilage to work with her. I give her my highest and most respected recommendation to anyone seeking a deeper clarity of themselves and their path.

She is incredible... it really is an experience you really must try for yourself.

- Judea Star


I have to share my experience having Patty Davis as a friend, soul sister and Clairvoyant Psychic....

She is one of the most nurturing and impeccably on-point Clairvoyants I have ever had the privilege to work with. Patty is gifted beyond belief. Spirit is gifting us with Her ability of Sight, being able to see into our soul with Compassion and meticulous detail of whatever needs to come through in a reading.
She deeply cares for people with an endless reservoir of Love and Patience for all those she teaches.

I feel honored to have her on my side whenever I am in need of a clarity and advice.... Even a healer and teacher needs her Incredible Gifts!
Thank you Patty from the deepest part of me for being who you are and sharing your gifts with the world.

- Kali


I have had many readings with Patty Davis, and have bought readings as gifts for friends and relatives. She is a blessing that I want to share with everyone. There is a vast support system all around us that most of have trouble seeing and hearing. 

Regardless of what you call it; God, Goddess, Spirit, Divine, Source Energy or something else, there is a world beyond the veil waiting to help and guide us and Patty speaks their language.  She is able to tap right in and relay information to help us deal with problems and questions that come up in our lives. 

A reading can be exciting, usually comforting and always informative and validating.  For me the greatest gift I get from my readings is this huge sense of support and love.  If you can have the guidance and insight openly offered by spirit why wouldn’t you want to use it?  My kids play video games and when they get stuck on a level they go online and look up the cheat code so they can get passed their hurdle and move up to the next level. Patty Davis is my cheat code!

I’ve also taken several series of classes from Patty, first learning the basics of meditation and the chakra system.  Later classes involved past life regression, meeting our spirit guides and angels and sacred geometry.  She believes we all have psychic abilities and we can all connect with spirit,  and she helps us find our particular abilities and strengthen that connection.  If you are interested in evolving your soul or awakening this fun part of your being, I strongly encourage you to take a series of her classes.

Even after dozens of readings and classes, Patty Davis’ ability to converse with spirit and share and interpret those messages still awes me and I recommend her wholeheartedly!

- Patty C.