I am excited to offer you the opportunity of a brief, weekly check in and forecast via video to help you navigate this physical manifestation of life.

I will be meditating weekly and passing on insights, suggestions and information that spirit has deemed pertinent and important.  Its a lovely drop in to help you align, balance and prepare for the upcoming week.   The forecast will be available on Sunday evenings at 7:00 and accessible throughout the week for just $40 per month with the convenience of having your credit card charged automatically and of course you have the freedom to cancel at any time.


Spirit Speakers Podcast

I am excited to announce my podcast collaboration with psychic Jude Lynch of Align and Shine Kauai!

Spirit Speakers is a discussion on many topics related to the supernatural and psychic realms from two different vantage points. Jude and I discuss our unique views, understanding, opinions and methods of tapping into our psychic gifts. 
Spirit Speakers podcast can be a tool to help you understand more about the psychic realms and your own abilities by hearing what others are experiencing.  We hope our conversations validate your own process and help you activate your own intuitive guidance.

Click the image to listen to Spirit Speakers!


Coven is a private, dynamic group of like minded people looking to prioritize their expansion and spiritual practice.

Members having completed the chakra class, are invited to gather twice a month for a live, interactive webinar where I share information I have received from spirit specifically for the group, at that time.  Topics may include tools for dealing with the energetic atmosphere locally or globally and how it impacts our state of being, utilizing moon cycles, invoking goddess or re-visiting a chakra and self healing techniques.  We will boldly go where spirit leads us and join together in meditation.

All webcasts will be recorded, gifting you the freedom of access at your convenience should you not be present for the live forecast.

This is a safe, sacred space to gather, share, be held and supported.  A private chat space is available where you can ask questions of myself and the other participants between gatherings or share what you are experiencing.  I am manifesting a real, truthful, loving, raw, empowering experience with regular check-ins to assist with balance and aide in a deeper alignment with your higher self and spiritual support system. 

Coven is an ongoing program building upon itself in sessions with periodic scheduled breaks for reflection.  I will lead a ceremonial gathering and ritual at the completion of each session where we will meet and celebrate in person.

I have fully enjoyed teaching classes in the past and am hoping that this new format will be rewarding for all involved and allow us to expand from “class” into “community”.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining coven!



This is an introduction to and exploration of the chakra system and psychic awareness. 

The chakras are an intricate system of energy centers within the body and a practice that dates back to 2500 years before the christian era. Knowledge of the chakra system can help you clear negative or stagnant energy, diagnose and shift the energy behind physical pain or injury, heal emotional blocks and balance the mind, body and spirit.  We will discuss the use of tools including stones, oils, altars, chanting, intention, affirmations and meditation. 

I will also help you to recognize and improve your intuition, set boundaries, remove obstacles, ground, center, initiate self healing, and manifest your hearts desires.  

We will fully examine and meditate on each chakra and practice varying grounding techniques to help you find the one that works best for you.  This is a great place to start a spiritual practice or refresh one already in place, learn to understand and control empathy and form a trusted, clearer connection with spirit.

This portal includes seven pre-recoded video lectures with guided meditations and e-mail communication to answer any questions that may arise and support you during this immersion.

This course is a pre-requisite to joining Coven.



Class portals are safe, enlightening, supportive and fun; held in loving space for an empowering experience. 

Please contact me if you are interested in upcoming sessions.


"Self-Awareness is not just relaxation and not just meditation. It must combine relaxation with activity and dynamism. Technology can assist with that."

-Deepak Chopra