psychic readings offer...

  • Higher vibrational assistance with life’s annoyances and nuances

  • A deeper opening to self exploration and discovery

  • Validation on what is working for you and help with what may not be going well

  • Harmony, understanding, balance and clarity


during a reading...

Readings are casual, comfortable and upbeat, and are held in a sacred space of respect, understanding and strict confidentiality.

During a reading I ask spirit for information that is positive, helpful and appropriate to what you have going on in your life at this time.

I collect information on your behalf by communicating with your guide system and interpreting your personal energy and the energy surrounding you.  From here spirit leads us where we need to go offering encouragement, solutions and insight.


readings are unique...

Readings are unique to each individual and guidance presents itself in a myriad of ways ranging from clear, concise answers to specific questions, to the introduction of spirit guides, animal totems, connection to loved ones that have passed and past-life experiences.  Each presentation is continually sourced back to, “how does this information serve or assist my client today?”

Rather than simply collecting data, I ask for tools and suggestions that will make your journey through this lifetime easier, clearer and more enjoyable. My goal is that you leave my office feeling positive, hopeful and empowered.

I am simply a conduit through which spirit communicates with you.

~ $160 for hour long session